Missing Pets

There are several FaceBook pages dedicated to finding lost pets, search for one in your area. Email us a picture as well, to post on our FaceBook page.

If your pet is missing, make flyers that contain:
• your pet’s description (preferably with photo)
• your contact information
• the area where he/she may have escaped.

Distribute/Hang flyers at these locations and then contact
these locations frequently to see if your pet is found:

Berkeley County Humane Society
Route 9, Martinsburg
Berkeley County Animal Warden
Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County
23 Poor Farm Rd Kearneysville, WV 25430
(just west of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Leetown  Rd)
Jefferson County Animal Control
(Near Harper’s Ferry & Charles Town)
Brigg’s Animal Adoption Center
3731 Berryville Pike (Route 340), Suite 100, Charles Town
Our clinics: Big Spring Animal Hospital & Inwood Animal Center
Both locations have a bulletin board for missing pets.
Humane Society of Morgan County
5366 Valley Road, Berkeley Springs
Morgan County Animal Control
5506 Martinsburg Road, Berkeley Springs

Once your pet has been spayed or neutered they are less likely to roam.
A micro-chip pet identification system such as DataMars – a simple procedure that can be done at either location of our veterinary practice.

Invisible, chain ink, or privacy fences are all good options.

Training & Reward time with your dog:
If you practice teaching your dog to come when called and the dog learns that he will be rewarded, he will be more likely to come to you when you need him to. If he is constantly scolded when he does come (even if he was bad running away), he may fear coming back to you.

  • Inwood Animal Center

    Inwood Animal Center
    7611 Winchester Avenue
    Inwood, West Virginia 25428
    Ph: (304) 229-7387
    Email: info@inwoodanimalcenter.com
  • Hours
    Mon 8am-6pm
    Tue 8am-6pm
    Wed 8am-6pm
    Thu 8am-6pm
    Fri 8am-6pm
    Sat 8am-1pm
    Sun Closed
  • Hours
    Mon 8am-6pm
    Tue 8am-6pm
    Wed 8am-6pm
    Thu 8am-12pm
    Fri 8am-6pm
    Sat 8am-12pm
    Sun Closed
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